Counselling helps you……..#1

Have you ever wondered how counselling could help you?

Counselling helps you possibleWhen new clients contact me, they often say ‘I’m not sure you can help me’.

So this series of mini blogs are designed to give you some idea of the benefits of counselling and how counselling can help you.

No matter what you’re bringing and regardless of your particular issues, talking can really help you.

It’s an odd concept isn’t it, talking to a complete stranger, telling them your deepest, darkest secrets, sharing your sadness of losing a loved one or even unburdening yourself of your most shameful thoughts.

But if you can’t say it to a stranger, who can you say it to?

Feedback from so many clients confirm that being able to reflect, explore their thoughts and feelings and talk freely about the issues that concern them, without fear of judgement is a fantastic experience. Once they get over the ‘I don’t want to burden you’ or ‘ I don’t know why you want to listen to my troubles’ they realise how it feels to have the freedom and space to release the pressure that has built up over time. Like a bottle of champagne being uncorked, emotions and feelings spill over leaving you lighter, more able to live your life and generally feeling better about yourself.

Your mood will improve, your wellbeing will increase and you will feel better.

And that’s the main purpose of my job as a counsellor – to help you feel better about yourself, your life and your relationships. That enables you to develop, grow and be the best person you possibly can.

You talk and I listen – together we see what is possible in your life.   Maybe you will identify and name what emotions you’re feeling, what goals you want to aim for, what plans you want to make, what you want to keep or what you want to jettison from your life.

I will listen and offer strategies to help you move forward in your life and work through any loss and grief you may be experiencing. 

If you’re feeling stuck, I will help you loosen the binds that are keeping you in your stuck place and preventing you from moving on, whether that’s due to relationship or work issues.

Or maybe Covid-19 and the past year of restrictions, isolation and loss has just become too much and your mental health is suffering as a consequence.

Whatever you have to say – counselling can help you, as long as you are ready to say it.

I work with people experiencing anxiety, loss and isolation and help them find ways to improve and manage their lives during these challenging times.

If you want to find out more about counselling and how I can help you feel better,  click here Home 

Or contact me now by clicking Contact


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