Coronavirus – update

At the time of writing, I am feeling fit and healthy. However, I am all too aware that this could change at any time.

It’s my aim is to make my counselling room a safe and secure place for you to explore your thoughts and feelings, as well as a place that you can feel physically safe.

Coronavirus is challenging all of us at this time and I want you to feel safe to come to counselling.

Advice about managing the virus is changing very fast and to ensure we don’t put ourselves or others in danger it’s important we follow the NHS Guidelines

Your safety is important to me and coming to counselling should not add to your anxiety. Whilst this epidemic continues and to ensure that I and all my clients keep as safe as possible, please note the following:

Feeling unwell

  • If I begin to feel unwell or become contagious I will contact all clients immediately to manage future sessions (please see online/phone counselling below).
  • If you begin to feel unwell please do not come to your appointment – please phone, text or email to cancel your session as soon as you begin to feel unwell.

Online or phone counselling

  • To ensure continuity and support throughout this challenging time, I am offering all clients the option to change to online or phone counselling. Please don’t hesitate to ask me for details if this is something you would be interested in doing.


  • I will continue to wash my hands very frequently, particularly before and after seeing each client.
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel will be provided for clients use.
  • Used tissues will be disposed of after each session.
  • Hard surfaces in my counselling room will be wiped with an antibacterial cloth between sessions.
  • Fresh water will continue to be provided in clean glasses but please feel free to bring your own drink if you prefer.

Your physical and emotional health are important to me – keep safe everyone.


Coronavirus is everywhere on the news, social media and newspapers. Constantly hearing how many people have contracted or died during the epidemic can make us all feel highly anxious and fearful as we become more concerned for ourselves, family and friends.

I work with people experiencing anxiety and help them to find ways to manage their anxiety, particulalry during these challenging times.

If coronavirus is making you feel anxious and fearful, talking to someone about your fears might just help.  For details of how I can help you click here Home 

Or contact me now by clicking Contact


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