Happy New Year 2020 – a year for choices and change!!

Well, here we are are in 2020, not just at the start of a new year but a new decade too.


You have survived Christmas, the decorations are down and put away for another year, you’re back to work, the kids are back to school and ‘New Year, New You’ is being banded about constantly.

But I ask you this:

Do you want a new you or do you want to make the best of the you that you already are?

I am not a fortune teller and I can’t predict the future but there’s one thing I can guarantee – you next year, and decade for that matter, will be chock full of good and bad times, happy and sad times.  We will all experience a full range of emotions over the next 12 months, and there will be times that you will feel so positive that you believe nothing bad could ever happen and yet other times it will feel like it’s one bad thing after another with no sign of an ending.

There will be days that will drag and seem to last forever and some days that go past in a blink of an eye. There will be births and deaths, illness and cure, marriage and divorce, losses and wins, sunshine and rain.

I can also guarantee that a large chunk of what will happen will be out of your immediate control.

As I’m writing, the fires in Australia are wiping out vast areas of the countryside where people are dying and houses are being destroyed. It’s hard to know exactly how the people affected at this awful time feel being surrounded by such destruction and devastation.

Closer to home in the UK, we are a nation divided and wondering what’s best for the country. We have to put our faith in others to do their best to sort it, whether we like it or not.

You can’t escape from real life and the up’s and down’s of what it throws at you. From relationships to jobs, money to health, concerns about the future to concerns about the past, real life is out there.


ChoicesBut, and here’s where it’s so great being a human – you always have choices.

‘No I don’t’ I hear you cry!! OK, you may not have much choice if your bus doesn’t turn up or you have a flat tyre and you’re late for work – it’s annoying and isn’t a good start to your day but things like this can affect your mood and set the level for the whole day if not week.

So, by choosing to change the way you feel about yourself and your self worth, you then have a choice how you deal with, and feel about situations that are out of your control.


Remember, if you change nothing, nothing will change and the same things will continue to happen.Change nothing

Deliberately choosing to make good and positive changes in your life will make you and your life feel better. It’s a matter of identifying what changes you’d like to make and having the strength, confidence and belief in yourself to make the necessary changes for you.

Sound simple? Maybe you’ve tried many times to make that new start, each new year beginning a diet to lose the pesky 10lbs that’s holding you back from getting the job/partner/relationship of your dreams, which has not really worked.

Sound hard? It’s absolutely possible to learn ways to change the things that are not working for you right now. You can develop new strategies to help you feel more confident, positive and energetic, even without losing a single pound of weight!!


You can sit back and let life happen to you, sit on the side lines and stay in a place where you feel out of sync with little sign of growth, development or progress.

Or, you can use this time to take stock of your life. See what’s working for you and see what’s not.  Not trying to be someone you’re not, but utilising the best bits of you so you feel more in control, more positive about your future and able to deal with any hiccups that happen along the way.

By making some subtle changes it’s possible that you can kick start an optimistic future where a more confident you begins to take control.

What have you got to lose? Nothing at all!!

So, tell me:

What do you want to keep and what do you want to say goodbye to in 2020?

Leave a comment in the comments box below.

I work with people helping them make the necessary changes and focus on themselves,  life, work and relationship issues.  If you would like to have some help to get focussed on what you can achieve in 2020 and see how I can help you now please click this link –  Home

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