Sadness – How to Manage Your Sadness


Are you feeling sad? I can help you……please read on.

Sadness is a human emotion that we all feel during our lives at some time of another.

We feel sadness when experience something that causes upset or pain – such as following a bereavement, after an argument, watching a weepy film or missing out on a special occasion and those feelings are natural and normal but the depth of the sadness felt can vary enormously, so the death of a loved one is likely to feel very different than reading a sad book.

Just seeing an injured animal, a sad child or just the state of the world at the moment can bring on feelings of sadness for me.

Sadness is normal – it’s important that you notice and acknowledge your feelings without any judgement. Don’t apologise for your feelings but accept them for what they are. ‘I feel sad because……’ and that is ok.

Sadness is generally a temporary state and your mood may lift quite naturally but there may be occasions when sadness is deep and embedded and you may need some strategies to lift yourself out of your period of sadness.

How to manage sadness

  • Have a good cry – there are some studies that suggest that crying releases endorphins in the body, so have a good cry and instantly feel better. It’s not silly, crying can do you the world of good.
  • Exercise – releases endorphins in your body and being active can really lift your mood. Going for a walk, doing a few lengths of the swimming pool, attending an exercise class or getting stuck into some vigorous housework can help you feel better.
  • Smile – even if you don’t feel like it, smiling may help you feel more positive and boost your mood.
  • Self-care – look after yourself, a walk in the country, watching a box set, seeing friends, nice warm bath can reduce your feelings of sadness and help improve and maintain your feelings of wellbeing.
  • Keep busy – distracting yourself can help overcome your feelings of sadness.

There are many ways you can manage your sadness but you should never ignore or dismiss any feelings that you experience. They are your feelings, they are important and they should be acknowledged by yourself and others.

Are having difficulties with feeling sad?  I can help you.

I work with people helping them to overcome sadness and feel better about themselves.  If you are experiencing sadness and would like to have some help please contact me now by clicking this link –  Home

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