World Kindness Day



What are you going to do today to spread the kindness?

Today is World Kindness Day so let’s make the world a better place and be kind to each other.

The world is already full of kind people but sometimes life gets so busy and we forget that the simplest acts of kindness can make an amazing difference to people’s lives. Just saying ‘good morning’ to someone who’s feeling lonely is a start and that costs absolutely nothing!!

What can you do?

It’s really doesn’t take much to be kind, here’s a few things you could do but to be honest, there are so many different ways to show acts of kindness, so just go wild and make up you’re own!!

  • Smile at someone on the bus/train/traffic jam
  • When you’re buying your coffee why not treat the person in the queue behind you and pay for their drink
  • Pay compliments to your colleagues
  • Send a message to a friend just to say you’re thinking of them
  • Take some flowers home for your significant other
  • Say hello to your neighbour

You have the power to make someone’s day better and make your own day better at the same time – and how can that be wrong….? well it can’t be wrong can it…..

So, don’t wait for someone to be kind to you, take a deep breath and be kind to someone else and start the ball rolling.



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