A penny for your thoughts


Did you know that we have something like 50,000 to 70,000 thoughts every single day – that’s an amazing number of thoughts whizzing through our minds, flitting from one thing to another, never stopping, never ending and rarely coming to a conclusion.

So, if I really was to give you a penny for your thoughts you would become an incredibly wealthy person and I’d be broke!!

Just think though, if thoughts burned calories we’d all be stick thin and would never have to diet again or if they generated energy then we would have a never ending supply of electricity.

The sad thing is not all thoughts are positive – it’s the negative thoughts that pop into our minds that can be really powerful, lead to anxiety and worst case scenario’s being considered. Life comes with it’s fair share of  worries and over thinking unhelpful thoughts can make a quite innocent thought develop into a series of anxiety ridden thoughts.

Thoughts are just thoughts – thoughts have a powerful impact on our mood and negative thoughts have the power to make us feel rubbish. But remember, thoughts are not real and cannot hurt you.

When you take things personally – ‘my friend didn’t comment on my new hair style, she must really hate it and thinks I look awful’  Or, she may just have a lot on her mind, work problems, relationship or family issues, just not feeling well. So maybe wonder what’s going on for your friend rather than focussing on the negative thoughts about you.

When thoughts stop you doing things – ‘I’ll never be able to get a better job, I’m just not clever enough’ you’ll never know until you try. Building your self esteem will help you get that job you’ve always wanted.

Always thinking the worse – ‘ I’m off for a day out to the beach with my family at the weekend but I just know the kids will whine for ice creams, we’ll be stuck in traffic jams for hours and it’ll end in a row’ so before you’ve even left the house you’ve made up your mind that it’s going to end badly. These kinds of negative thoughts will stop you enjoying even the best times. By changing your thought patterns just imagine how much better your life will be.

I could go on but hopefully you’ve got the idea – negative thoughts lead to negative lives.

I guess the answer could be simple – just stop thinking!!  But if I said to you ‘whatever you do, don’t think about a pink elephant dancing on a table’ the chance are the only thing you will able to think about is a pink elephant dancing on a table.


The mind is a curious thing. 

Negative thoughts will lead you to have a negative mind in which you find fault in the things you do and all that surrounds you.  In other words, negative thinking can cause your self esteem to be low.

Positive thoughts however encourage you to have a more positive outlook and notice the opportunities available to you in your life, leading to a higher self esteem.

It’s clear, you will never stop thinking and, although overcoming negative thinking might be a real struggle, changing negative thoughts for more positive ones seems to be the way to go to help improve your life. Stepping back from your thoughts, becoming aware of them and slowing your thoughts down can really help, rather like putting comma’s in a piece if writing so you recognise where to breathe – it really is possible.

Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results‘ Willie Nelson

One of the most rewarding aspects of the work I do is helping people change their patterns of thinking, to think in a more positive way, which in turn helps increase their self esteem.

If you would like me to help you work on making your life more positive, increasing your self esteem and decreasing your negative thoughts, click here for more details Home

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